As of Today, the Deed Is Done: My New Site Is Live!

by Erin Kurup

welcome-matToday is the day: I’m ready to show you the new home of my editing services!

I’ve already told you the story of why I decided to split Remade By Hand into two separate sites: one for my personal journey and the other for my professional services. So all that’s left now is to unveil the site!

A virtual drumroll, please…

Presenting…the new online home of Erin Kurup, editor and idea architect…!

I hope you’ll come on over and poke around a bit. Your input would mean the world to me. (Really.)

Would you like a guided tour?

Here are some highlights, if you’d like a starting place:

  • Start Here will — surprise! — give you a quick overview of the new site.
  • Is This You? will give you a portrait of the person I serve best (and help you decide whether you’re one of those people).
  • Services will tell you all about how we can work together to bring your next writing project, be it ebook or info product or web page or blog post, to life.
  • The blog is where you’ll find my thoughts on writing and editing as it pertains to us solo and small business owners. There’s already a pair of posts up for your reading pleasure, and the comments section is ready for your thoughts. Take your pick (or read them both!):
  • Notes in the Margins will keep you looped in to the ongoing conversation and comes with my new audio/PDF guide, Out of Your Head and onto the Page: A Guide to Gathering the Pieces of Your First Draft. (Note: If you were a Trail Notes subscriber, you’re now a Notes in the Margins subscriber. Same list, but new focus, new thank-you gift, new design, new name! Check your inbox for the access details I’ve sent you.)

Or, if you know you want to be part of Notes in the Margins already, you can sign up right here and I’ll send you the guide on the double:

What’ll become of Remade By Hand?

It’ll revert back to the personal chronicle it was always meant to be. In fact, the changes are already underway. If you loved the site before, I think you’ll love it still. Stick around?

All that’s left now is for you to explore!

Come on over and explore, and/or settle back into Remade By Hand as it used to be. Either way, I hope I’ll see lots of you!

Thanks to Dru Bloomfield for the CC-licensed photo.